Great boyfriend and girlfriend healthy living goals that can be easily accomplished

boyfriend and girlfriend goals

The whole world is obsessed with the boyfriend and girlfriend goals, but no relationship goal can be achieved if you both are indulged in an unhealthy lifestyle.

When you are in a relationship, a healthy lifestyle is something to ensure that you both live longer and make the world jealous of your Optimus boyfriend and girlfriend goals.

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Couple Tips to accomplish happy and healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Together

“Couple who workout together, stays together”, the best way to increase your obsession towards your partner is to work out together.  Couple workout regime will take the intimacy to all new levels and your fit body will ignite the fire within you.

Plan weekly outdoor tracking trips (Get more sun)

Planning weekly trips isn’t the just good source of enjoyment but It also helps in a good amount of sun exposure that leads to optimum absorption of vitamin D (Vitamin D is responsible for testosterone levels and bone health).

Regular outdoor trips also help in better trust and synergy within the relation.

Cook together

Cooking together is a great way to improve the love bond between you, it’s also a great way to show the equality between relation and both care for each other.

Cooking together also helps in reducing the consumption of junk food, which ultimately leads to a healthier version of yourself.

Have lots of sex

Sex is something every couple should do on regular basis.

It strengthens the bond of relationship and also helps in establishing a better connection between both of you. Better connection between you means achievement of boyfriend and girlfriend goals.

Addition to a stronger bond, sex also lead to great amount of calorie burn, an average session of sex for 20 minutes (including foreplay) helps in burning more than 150 calories per session.

Stock up with healthy snacks

Imagine, you are lying on a couch together and watching Netflix, suddenly you feel the hunger and want to grab something to eat. Stocking healthy snacks will prevent you from ordering a pizza or some finger chips.

Try stocking some almonds, walnuts, cashew, peanut, pistachio, etc. these healthy nuts are filled with a good amount of healthy fat and lots of protein.

Increase your protein intake

Protein intake helps in muscle development and greater strength.

Improved strength also helps in better performance in bed and it will make you look way too hot. Optimum consumption of protein will make you feel comfortable with your body through maintaining a good amount of muscle mass.

Better muscle mass also leads to faster metabolism which leads to fat loss.


Learning to stay calm will help you achieve your couple goals.

Meditation will help in reducing stress level and help in better cognitive functions of the brain. Lower stress level will also elevate the libido level which helps in establishing healthy intimacy in a relationship.

Lower stress levels mean reduced fights, if you want some enhanced benefits then pair your meditation sessions with some yoga techniques.

Slash your sugar consumption

This might sound difficult to many people but if you want to attain longevity and healthy life then its absolutely necessary to reduce your processed sugar consumption. If you are someone who craves for sugar then go for natural alternatives like fruits (berries, orange, sugarcane, etc) and honey.