Create a morning routine chart and stick to it

daily routine

Are you having trouble creating and sticking to your morning routine chart? Do you find yourself notoriously struggling in the mornings?

People have become quite busy these days. So, you might find yourself in the morning pondering about the tasks ahead of you. Most of the time, this slows people down. And before you know it, you are rushing against time.

It is very important to have a  routine in the weekday mornings in order to stay on top of things. You will be amazed at how a simple routine can improve your day ahead.

The importance of a morning routine chart

We are at our best in the mornings. So if you start your morning well and packed with energy, you will find that your day will flow smoothly. When you create and follow your morning system, you will find yourself having plenty of time to reflect and plan your day.

If you make it a habit to follow your routine, then you will find it easier to also stick to the plan for the day. You will manage your tasks efficiently and effectively.

Create a simple routine for success.

If you want to succeed sticking to your system, you need to  create a simple morning routine chart. Here are some tips and a routine to follow.

1. Wake up early

woman waking upMost successful people are usually early risers. This is because people are usually more productive in the morning. Set a wake up time for yourself. Make it a point to go to bed before 10pm. Once you make it a routine, you will find you wont even need that alarm clock.

2. Plan a 15 min exercise workout

This can be anything from hitting the treadmill, jogging or doing other simple exercises at home. The beauty of exercises is that it gets the blood flowing and is also great for the brain.

3. Hit the shower

Ensure that you leave plenty of bathroom time and enough time to get ready. Lay the outfit you will wear the day before.

4. Planning and breakfast

man having breakfastHave a breakfast packed with healthy energy foods. You will need this energy during the day. Take 5 minutes after breakfast to plan your day.

5. Leave extra travel time

Make sure your routine factors in time you need to get to work. You don’t want to arrive at work stressed.