Tips On How You Can Fix Your Relationship When Things Aren’t Going Great

Fix your relationship

A relationship is just like everything else in life you need to pay attention to it on a timely basis and you might ruin your relationship if you play ignorant towards it. Many people tend to pay less attention to their long-term relationships which ultimately lead to dissatisfaction.

There are a number of ways through which you can definitely heal the scars in your relationship, let’s get into the details of ways to heal your relationship.


Yes, communication is the most basic thing of any relationship but it’s the most common thing missing in every relation struggling to keep up. A fault is yours, as time pass we tend to act ignorant towards the level of communication you are having.

Remind yourself a time when you both met for the first time and how many hours you both spent while talking to each other. Your relationship needs that time once again.

Take a break

Another common symptom of a bad relationship is not devoting proper time to each other, its time to take a break from your busy life and spend some time alone.

Admit that there is a problem in the relationship, discuss all the issues your partner had with you and promise to fulfill all the requirements.

Fix your relationship


You need to decide whether the mistake is bigger than your relationship if your partner is held accountable for any mistake and he/she admits their mistake then you should definitely think about giving them a second chance.


So you both admit that there is a problem in your relationship and both have agreed to work on strengthening the relationship then it’s time to discuss on how you both are going to make it work for you.

This discussion will include all the things that you hate about your partner and all the problems they had with you. once you know the problems then you can explore the solutions to those problems.

Have a lot of sex:

One of the biggest reasons for a bad relationship is less time, a couple who spend less time being together and loving each other turns ignorant towards each other. For most of my patients I suggest them 30 days sex therapy, this therapy includes sex for straight 30 days, this method has improved the relationship quality of couples through eliminating insecurities and better at loving each other. Another way is to make out every single night, this helps in reducing tension between relations and couples never go to sleep in bad mood.