Meet Steve

Hello and Welcome

personal coach doing sit-ups

Hello ladies and gents, my name is Steve Fields and I am a 33-year-old professional health coach that is here to help you achieve a happier, healthier you. I live in Boston, Massachusetts with my long-time girlfriend Bethany. We are the proud parents of a 3-year-old German Shepard, Cassie, who keeps us on our toes.

Practising what I preach

A fully-qualified health coach and personal trainer, my life revolves around not only living a happy, healthy lifestyle but also helping others to achieve a similar outlook. My life is a testament to the fact that what I have to offer can be of great benefit. I practice what I preach and as a result, live a rewarding and positive life. I truly have no complaints!

Having grown up overweight and inactive I am aware of the troubles that many of my clients are struggling with. I made the conscious decision to change my ways, in university and in doing so decided to incorporate my lifestyle into my profession. This led me to a course in health coaching and nutrition which I completed in 2005. Following this with a diploma of personal training, I feel that I am well equipped and educated to impart my knowledge to others who may be seeking change.

I practice a holistic approach to wellness, which means that my life is a very active one that revolves around healthy eating and healthy living. Yet, in doing so I still make sure not to restrict myself when indulging on a night out. If I want that piece of cake I am damn sure to eat it. This is also what I teach my clients.

What my website provides

My website is designed not only to reach people who may be seeking assistance in improving themselves but is also designed to provide information and advice on how to live a healthier existence through my blog which will provide readers with handy tips, techniques and advice in all types of matters, including healthier eating suggestions and healthier relationship advice.

I hope you find my website informative and educational, I look forward to hearing from you!


Steve Fields.