Tips to beat the blues

beat the blues

Once in a while, we all experience bad days when we get a feeling depresses. As the days get shorter and the nights are getting longer in winters you might experience mood swings and mild depression.

Good news is, you don’t really require medicines or doctor consultation to fight this mild depression, ahead, some of the tips to beat the blues.

Have sunlight

Most of the people experience depressive feeling in winters, you know why? Because of the lack of sunlight. Our body needs sunlight for the proper functioning and proper light is responsible for the regulation of our body’s inner time cycle.

Have a break to soak some vitamin D on daily basis.

Get Moving

A regular dose of exercise don’t just keep that excess fat away but is also helps in regulating the mood and relieve anxiety.

Being active affects the chemicals in the brain and brings positive hormonal balance which makes you feel more energetic and fit.

Eat healthily

The food that you choose to consume may have a big impact on your mood, sometimes the deficiency of many vital vitamins may lead to feeling depressed.

Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, chromium, vitamin D, and the B vitamins folic acid and B12 are all associated with human depressive symptoms.

Do more yoga

Although there are physical benefits of regularly practicing yoga, but there are some mental benefits as well. Yoga can help in relieving stress and improving focus through improving blood flow to the brain and providing more oxygenated blood supply to the brain.


Volunteering for some social cause is a great way to feel good, helping someone can improve mental health and fill you with joy.

Do what makes you feel good

Whether its a long drive in a car or just curdle into your blanket and binge into Netflix or just grab a glass of favorite wine, its okay to feel depressed for a short period of time.

Reach out

If nothing works in your favor then reach out to people who are close to you, you may get a feeling like no one cares for you but that’s certainly not true.

Reach out to your best friend or family, let them know about your feeling and ask them to help you get out of it.