What the fast? The 5:2 diet and how it works!

5:2 fasting diet

What the fast is a 5:2 diet? When this is the kind of diet where you eat normally for 5 days a week and fasting twice a week. The other name for it is the fast diet. Apparently, this fasting diet and eating plan can be quite effective for those wishing to lose weight fast.

How the fast diet works

5:2 diet planAs explained above, it’s actually very simple to grasp. For five days, there are no calory restrictions. You eat what you want. However, this does not mean that you now go on a junk food and fast food binge. Just eat normally.

Then the other 2 days, you limit your calory intake to 500 calories for women and 600 for men. So what the fast diet offers is an easier way to diet as opposed to most diets that will have you keeping count of your calory intake on a daily basis.

Is it two consecutive days?

No! This diet is actually quite flexible. You get to choose the two days that you are going to be on your ‘fast’. The good thing is that there has to be at least one non-fasting day between the fasting days. So you can make Tuesday and Friday your fast days.

What the fast diet can do

Apparently, besides losing weight, the health benefits are impressive. It has been seen to reduce inflammation, reduce insulin resistance and improve blood lipids.

Is it effective for weight loss?

man measuring tummyIf you do it right, yes. As I mentioned early, the five days of normal eating are not all you can eat days. Just eat normally. Don’t compensate for the fasting days by adding calories to the 5 days of eating.

The idea here is to generally reduce your weekly calory intake. Now when combined with a little exercise, the results are amazing!

The thing with this diet is to create a lifestyle change. Now once you get used to limiting your calories during the fast days, you will find it easier to eat less on the days that you are meant to eat normally.

So for health and weight reasons the 5:2 diet is one to consider.