Workout Routines For Better Sex

Workout Routines for Better Sex

Mobility and strength are the essential ingredient of having a better sex life, most of the people workout daily but never recognize the need for particular exercises that can help them have better time in bed.

Sometimes we ignore the muscle groups that are utilized most while having sex with a partner, this results in early fatigue, tiredness and unable to perform some particular sex position due to weak muscle development.

Hi, my name is Steve Fields,  and I have been working as a personal trainer and health coach Since more than 10 years, today we are going to cover the exercises that will make your workout routine more efficient for your sex life.

I personally include all these testosterone boosters and libido enhancer workout regime for 2 times a week.

These exercises are not for any gender specific but the exercises that will improve your body strength and make you more flexible to achieve that big ‘O’.

Let’s start with the exercise to include in your workout routine for better sex. But if you are still single then first try dating sites for FREE, and find yourself a partner before moving ahead to sharpen your sex moves.

Workout Routines for Better Sex


The squat is a number #1 exercise to have better sex,

Reason: the primary effect of squatting is on the level of testosterone; squat is the best exercise to increase your testosterone level dramatically. If you are someone with a busy schedule and experiencing low libido then Squatting is something you should definitely try.

Try implementing squatting 2-3 time a week, one day will be only bodyweight squat (you have to concentrate on the number of reps), second time you will do squat with moderate weight (12-15 reps) and third time should be the heavyweight and whole concentration should be to lift as heavy as possible (1-4 reps)

Kettlebell swing

For many people kettlebell swing is a new thing in a town and many people have not tried this wonderful exercise. The kettlebell swing is a compound movement which helps in full body strengthening.

Reason: The reason I have included kettlebell swing on our list is its tons of benefits, it helps in strengthening and conditioning legs, glutes, torso, lower back, shoulders. It is helping in training multiple muscle groups at the same time. Kettlebell swing also helps in reducing fat around the belly and helping you with regaining your powerful thrusts.


This is not a gym exercise but this is something that can be done anywhere. If you are hearing about kegels for the first time then you should probably google it.

Reason: Kegels exercise helps in training the pelvic floor muscle that is responsible for controlling your desire to ejaculate. Kegels exercise is very effective to increase your duration and helps in experiencing better sex.


Get into pushup position and rest your body on your elbows while folding your hands. Maintain the straight posture and hold the position for 45-60 seconds.

Reason: when it comes to better sex performance for men plank do the wonders. Missionary position is one of the most common and enjoyable positions which includes partners being face to face and male partner have to be on top or women.

You can’t allow your whole body weight on your lady, so you will be required to strengthen your shoulders, core, and glutes to lift your body and deep thrusts. Practice planking every alternate day to see the difference within a month of training.

Workout Routines for Better Sex


Deadlift is got its name because you are required to lift the dead weight off the ground. Deadlifting is the best solution to generate incredible upper body strength and to boost your testosterone level.

Reason: Deadlift will provide you the much-needed confidence, you will be able to lift your partner in any position, It will help you develop serious lifting strength so now you can try those new positions which we were never able to experience before. Deadlift also helps in developing core strength and improving the fertility of men.

Bear Hug

A bear hug is an exercise that majority of people never practice. Did you ever tried “Iron chef” sex position? It’s a position when you lift her body with your arms and she wraps her legs around your body to have some intimate vertical pleasure. Although, Iron chef looks great but it takes the hell amount of strength in the whole body.

Reason: Bear hug will provide you all the required strength for your every vertical sex position. Bear hug will help in strengthening your arms, core, back and shoulders to lift her up easily for better sex enjoyment.

HIIT (Burpees)

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) includes: Kick Boxing, sprinting, burpees and other burst power cardiovascular exercises.

Reason: we have been talking about strengthening muscles but have better stamina and endurance is the most key factor of better pleasure in bed. HIIT is a proven solution for longer endurance.

So we have discussed the primary exercises that can be included in your workout routine for better sex. Implement these exercises in your daily life and have a better sex life.