Face to face workshops

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For those who live in the Boston area, or along the East Coast of the USA, I offer in-person coaching workshops. With workshops taking place on a semi-regular basis, keep an eye on this page for my next event.

‘Becoming a healthier you’ workshop

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Every Sunday



Description of Event:

The ‘becoming a healthier you’ workshop will empower attendees to improve their lifestyles yet not sacrifice the fun activities that they enjoy doing. The main focus of the workshop is educating those in attendance with the knowledge to eat healthier and exercise more efficiently.

In doing so, participants will receive worksheets that are easy to follow and will enable them to benefit from the knowledge that they are taught while undertaking this class. They will also be provided with the confidence to achieve positive outcomes through the techniques taught in the activities and practical exercises that we will go through over the four-hour duration of the workshop.

If interested in signing up for an upcoming event, or after more information as to what is involved, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch to discuss what the workshop entails.