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I am so thrilled to have you here.

I’m Sarah Anne. My resumé might read Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP) + Lifestyle Coach but I am better known for introducing men + women to the world of WELLNESS.
Translation? I help inspiring wellness warriors kick failure to the curb so they can embrace health, discover happiness, claim their badass dreams, and live their BEST possible life. Thanks to hundreds of hours of health coaching and training, I have learned that there are no secrets when it comes to WELLNESS.

It is simple and available to everybody. WELLNESS IS A MINDSET.

All too often, people think that the ingredients for WELLNESS are green smoothies, Vitamin B Shots, and hours on the eliptical. Of course, those things have a place in discovering WELLNESS, but all the gym time in the world isn’t going to reprogram what’s going on up there (i.e., in that head of yours).
If you’re like most, struggling to understand and control this thing we call life, and your left feeling uninspired, unsettled, and unsure – it’s time to embrace WELLNESS.Why? You’ve gotta live with yourself for the rest of your life.  Don’t you want to be with the best version possible?

So get ready for some miracles + stick around for: 

// Simple tips and tools that are so good, you don’t need an excuse to try them.
// Wisdom to help you change your thoughts and beliefs about WELLNESS, because your thoughts really are the launching pad for all of your dreams.
// Guidance to help you take great strides and create a space where–poof!–your deep-seated fears are gone.
// Motivation to get you shakin’ + movin’ into a feel-good space where you can embrace WELLNESS 365/24/7.
// An introduction to the WELLNESS lifestyle, so you can learn to feel pretty damn good, day in and day out.

Make no mistake, it’s going to be a journey. But discovering WELLNESS is the only fast track plan for the best super-natural (and legal) high.  (Continue reading…)